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Mauna Lisa

Not so long ago I posted back when I was Knitpurl 83 about stash-busting and I’m glad to announce that it’s going pretty well! I recently completed “Mauna” for Lisa – bringing me to the obvious merger: “Mauna Lisa”! This really was a great pattern to knit. It’s started at the neckline, knit raglan style… Continue reading Mauna Lisa

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Gotta Love: Cardies

It’s that time of year when the prospect of leaving the house without a jacket is becoming reality! I have been in the market for making a nice cardigan for myself for the coming warmer months. Here’s the South Sea Cardigan that I found here on ravelry. I like this style as it’s cute and… Continue reading Gotta Love: Cardies

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For the kids

Not quite as quick to knit as baby gear, but the thanks and recognition you get for knitting for bigger kids is totally worth it! These fingerless mittens were made for Lisa from a pattern I found on, just tweeking the pattern a little to make them a smaller for Lisa’s hands. This was… Continue reading For the kids

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Raglan Style

And no, I’m not talking about Psy’s new hit … Raglan style is a way of knitting a garment from the top-down but I’m sure if Psy could rock a pair of knitting needles, he’d certainly consider the title! Raglan style is a great way of knitting a jumper/cardy/dress from the neck down. It has quickly become my… Continue reading Raglan Style