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Make something of it

Call it what you like: upcycling, recycling, repurposing … whatever name you give it, we’re basically talking about taking something and finding a new use for it. In crafting circles, we tend to buy something to make something but, if you have a good look around at home, you’d be surprised at what you can… Continue reading Make something of it

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Knit it, hook it, sew it makes us harder, better, faster, stronger

Sometimes I take a step back and look at what I’m making and ask myself “why am I doing this?”. I often wonder why I spent a week knitting a pair of gloves that I could’ve bought in the shop in 2 minutes or why I bought 6 metres of material to make some curtains… Continue reading Knit it, hook it, sew it makes us harder, better, faster, stronger

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For my petit chef

This weekend brought the excitement that any finished project does. In this case, I was not only happy with the result but also really proud to see the smile on my daughter’s face when I told her I’d finished! To have my work appreciated on such a level by my favourite fans is enough drive… Continue reading For my petit chef

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The “Boudin Bleu”

First, I think I’ll explain the name: A “boudin” here in France is a draft dodger but, as with alot of things in France, it is also food-related! A boudin is kinda like a sausage. You can find “boudin blanc” and “boudin noir” and now, at least in our household, you can find “boudin bleu”!… Continue reading The “Boudin Bleu”

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Sew, a needle pulling thread

The hills are alive with the sound of me swearing at my sewing machine … Mainly because I never put enough thread on the bobin but don’t realise until I’ve sewn about 50cm or get in a right old mess with the thread – all-in-all it’s just a classic case of  “bad workman”… Yes, this… Continue reading Sew, a needle pulling thread