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Put a ring on it – a free pattern

Put a ring on it … on a napkin that is! Recently  I made some napkin rings for the family for our dinner table – a different colour for everyone. These are quick and easy to make and are very handy! They use up very little yarn so make a great scrap-busting project. I made… Continue reading Put a ring on it – a free pattern

Sewing / Couture

The “Boudin Bleu”

First, I think I’ll explain the name: A “boudin” here in France is a draft dodger but, as with alot of things in France, it is also food-related! A boudin is kinda like a sausage. You can find “boudin blanc” and “boudin noir” and now, at least in our household, you can find “boudin bleu”!… Continue reading The “Boudin Bleu”