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Gotta Love: Autumn

Autumn’s definitely in the air – the mornings are cool, the trees are changing colour and we’re switching our wardrobes from summer to winter. Il y a de l’automne dans l’air – le matin il fait frais, les arbres changent de couleurs et on échange les habits d’été contre les habits d’hiver. Personally I love… Continue reading Gotta Love: Autumn

Gotta Love · Knitting / Tricot

Gotta Love: Stash-busting

So I am back from my summer hiatus and I’ve hit the ground running! First on the agenda: sort out the stash … I’ve been looking for different patterns for different weights of yarn to try and keep stash-busting as interesting as possible but today I’ll just concentrate on sock and lace yarn. I seem… Continue reading Gotta Love: Stash-busting

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Gotta Love: Cardies

It’s that time of year when the prospect of leaving the house without a jacket is becoming reality! I have been in the market for making a nice cardigan for myself for the coming warmer months. Here’s the South Sea Cardigan that I found here on ravelry. I like this style as it’s cute and… Continue reading Gotta Love: Cardies

Crochet · Gotta Love · Knitting / Tricot

Gotta Love: Ugly bug ball

Welcome to a new series of posts to mark the beginning of the week! I’ve decided to call it “Gotta Love” and it will mainly be dedicated to fun patterns and ideas from around the web. First in the new series is the Ugly Bug Ball. Ok, these bugs aren’t ugly, they’re actually pretty damn… Continue reading Gotta Love: Ugly bug ball