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A special post for a special little girl!

7 years ago I was introduced to a person that would change my life – at 4.23 7 years ago I met Lisa for the first time and now I can’t imagine my life without her. Il y a 7 ans, on m’a présenté une personne qui allait changer ma vie – à 4h23 il… Continue reading A special post for a special little girl!

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Bootee Call

As I’ve said before, I really love gifting hand knits for babies. They are quick to make up and are always gladly received by the parents-to-be! One thing I like to do is to combine baby knits to give as a set. Firstly because I think it’s nice to receive a set and secondly, baby… Continue reading Bootee Call

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Baby Knits

Things I love about kntting for babies is that 1. what you’re knitting up is really quick and 2. it’s always uber cute! Here are my baby projets: The Baby Gnome hat and glove set made for Baby Morgan to keep him warm during those Savoyard winters! Here he is rocking his new hat. Details on Ravelry. This… Continue reading Baby Knits