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Gotta Love: Autumn

Autumn’s definitely in the air – the mornings are cool, the trees are changing colour and we’re switching our wardrobes from summer to winter. Il y a de l’automne dans l’air – le matin il fait frais, les arbres changent de couleurs et on échange les habits d’été contre les habits d’hiver. Personally I love… Continue reading Gotta Love: Autumn

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More than just bracelets

Des bracelets, oui, mais pas que! The loom band craze is still very much around and we have definitely been busy! Anyone who has loom bands or has kids who have them will tell you – they get everywhere! You find them on the floor, between the sofa cushions and even in the washing machine.… Continue reading More than just bracelets

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Stash-busting and organising!

My summer crafting has mainly revolved around a crochet blanket for my living room sofa. I find crochet is a nicer craft than knitting in the summer and this blanket especially is great for picking up and putting down when I want. Cet été pour la plupart j’ai travaillé sur une couverture en crochet pour… Continue reading Stash-busting and organising!

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A special post for a special little girl!

7 years ago I was introduced to a person that would change my life – at 4.23 7 years ago I met Lisa for the first time and now I can’t imagine my life without her. Il y a 7 ans, on m’a présenté une personne qui allait changer ma vie – à 4h23 il… Continue reading A special post for a special little girl!

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Pretty girly-girl bag

I had to laugh when Lisa checked a book out of the library about springtime felt projects – hint hint!! She’s obviously caught on to the fact that I enjoy making stuff … So after a little perusal of the book, we found a cute little felt bag. As felt isn’t the most robust material,… Continue reading Pretty girly-girl bag

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1 ball of yarn, so many possibilities …

I know it’s been a while since my last update but I haven’t been slacking, I assure you! In fact, all of these projects come from the same single ball of yarn! Je sais que ça fait longtemps que je n’ai plus fait de mise-à-jour mais ça n’a pas chômé, je vous assure! En fait,… Continue reading 1 ball of yarn, so many possibilities …

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Butterflies and Papillons

Petite nouveauté cette semaine: ce blog devient bilingue! J’ai pris la décision car j’ai envie de le partager et je veux que mes amis et ma famille francophones puissent le lire! Starting this week, I have decided to make this blog bilingual! The reason for this is that I want to share it and it… Continue reading Butterflies and Papillons