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Mauna Lisa

Not so long ago I posted back when I was Knitpurl 83 about stash-busting and I’m glad to announce that it’s going pretty well! I recently completed “Mauna” for Lisa – bringing me to the obvious merger: “Mauna Lisa”! This really was a great pattern to knit. It’s started at the neckline, knit raglan style… Continue reading Mauna Lisa

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Bootee Call

As I’ve said before, I really love gifting hand knits for babies. They are quick to make up and are always gladly received by the parents-to-be! One thing I like to do is to combine baby knits to give as a set. Firstly because I think it’s nice to receive a set and secondly, baby… Continue reading Bootee Call

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Gotta Love: Stash-busting

So I am back from my summer hiatus and I’ve hit the ground running! First on the agenda: sort out the stash … I’ve been looking for different patterns for different weights of yarn to try and keep stash-busting as interesting as possible but today I’ll just concentrate on sock and lace yarn. I seem… Continue reading Gotta Love: Stash-busting

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Gotta Love: Cardies

It’s that time of year when the prospect of leaving the house without a jacket is becoming reality! I have been in the market for making a nice cardigan for myself for the coming warmer months. Here’s the South Sea Cardigan that I found here on ravelry. I like this style as it’s cute and… Continue reading Gotta Love: Cardies

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Gotta Love: Ugly bug ball

Welcome to a new series of posts to mark the beginning of the week! I’ve decided to call it “Gotta Love” and it will mainly be dedicated to fun patterns and ideas from around the web. First in the new series is the Ugly Bug Ball. Ok, these bugs aren’t ugly, they’re actually pretty damn… Continue reading Gotta Love: Ugly bug ball

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Running stitch

I recently discovered a running program that I’ve seen crop up on a few other craft blogs: Couch to 5k. Apparently running is quite popular with  crafters – must be all that time we spend sitting around on our butts … Because I fall under the “couch potato” category, I decided that I would give… Continue reading Running stitch