Next, please!

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been doing some serious organising recently and trying to find patterns for my stashed wool. Thanks to the fab search tools on Ravelry I was able to find some great suggestions! Just in time for the really cold weather, I found a great first glove project that comes with handy YouTube vids to help with the most complicated parts from the lovely Staci of

I’m knitting them 2-at-a-time so I can avoid “second glove syndrome”! I also like that they’ll be exactly the same length without having to count rows. Day one and I’m this far along – bit slow but at least at the end I’ll already have my pair!



As well as the gloves, I’ll be knitting lots of new jumpers as I got this AMAZING book from my mum for Christmas!


IMG_0109 All 50 of the sweaters featured are stylish without being too over-the-top – exactly what you’d expect from Vogue Knitting – I will almost certainly go on through the book in the years to come and knit a lot of them! In fact, I’m almost done with my first one! I had a massive ball of mystery yarn found in the bargain bin at one of my favourite haberdasheries that I discovered was the perfect weight for this project so I was thrilled that I could already make myself a new top without having to buy anything.

Actually as it turns out I ran out of the purple and, because it was mystery (and almost certainly discontinued) yarn, I couldn’t find the exact same one. Shame but I found a really nice ball of the same type of yarn just in white which goes really well with the purple:


So once the front and back are done, I can start on the sleeves and then seam it all together! An update will absolutely be posted here so watch this space 🙂

Anyone else have trouble with knitting the second sock/glove? What are your tricks to motivate yourself or do you just end up with one of everything?! 🙂




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