Gotta Love: Autumn

Autumn’s definitely in the air – the mornings are cool, the trees are changing colour and we’re switching our wardrobes from summer to winter.


Personally I love this time of year. Even though the days are shorter, I love the crisp feel in the air and when the kids have lovely rosy cheeks! Here’s a few other reasons why:


I love scarves. In fact, I always wear a scarf, cowl, pashmina, even a light neck-wrap in summer. I have lots of hand knits – as you can see in my post here – and I’m happy to get them back out for the cooler weather.

I just finished a crocheted scarf for Lisa. I had some of the double-stranded wool left over from her lovely hat in the post “Butterflies and Papillons“. I loved the tweed effect of mixing two colours and so I repeated it on her scarf to give her a matching set:


Sunday Mornings Scarf

I’m sure it’s called that because that’s how long it takes to make it. It was seriously quick and it is super cute! The loop is great for securing the scarf around the neck – especially for little ones!

Autumn recipes

I love all the seasonal recipes autumn has to offer. Pumpkins are everywhere and I recently dared to make a pumpkin pie. It turned out really nice which I wasn’t expecting (veggies and dessert, really?!). I didn’t even get a photo before it got eaten!

Apples are great too at the moment and I love the combination of apple and cinnamon. This week I made these apple and cinnamon muffins:


They are really yummy! I think the only reason I got a photo is that they’re individually portioned!


Still a week to go before the kids get to dress up and be little monsters for one day of the year (if only it just lasted a day!). We are still deciding on who-goes-as-what – kids have a habit of changing their minds until the last minute!

In preparation, I made a cute little crochet pumpkin bowl. I had some orange sock yarn that I didn’t know what to do with (it’s a bit too orange for my taste!) and a friend from my knitting club found this super cute pattern! It was probably as quick to make as carving a pumpkin and it won’t rot!


So all in all, lots of reasons to love autumn!

Bon weekend!



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