More than just bracelets




The loom band craze is still very much around and we have definitely been busy! Anyone who has loom bands or has kids who have them will tell you – they get everywhere! You find them on the floor, between the sofa cushions and even in the washing machine. We’re certainly not spared of this so I had to come up with a solution for my daughter. My answer: a tool box. One of those light plastic ones with little compartments for screws and nails etc that you can get from any DIY shop. The sections are just the right size that we can separate the colours and if you click the box shut (emphasis on the CLICK it shut – otherwise it’s a game of “thousand-rubber-band-pick-up”!!), it becomes a carry case.


We started off making bracelets – there are so many variations and wonderful creations to make, you just have to type “loom bands” in the YouTube search engine and already you’ve got countless possibilities. After many successful creations (and not with my help!), we saw that you can also make charms and other shapes. Here is just a sample of what we’ve been doing (most of them with my help)! It’s been a really great girly time activity with my daughter and we’ve really enjoyed making some of these things – well, sometimes when they’re a bit complicated, she orders them and I do most of the work but it’s still fun!

Let it go!

Let it go!



pretty little bow ring

For some great tutorials in English, check out TutorialsByA’s YouTube channel – her tutorials are very clear, she talks you though them step-by-step and she has a good camera.

And, just because, here’s my current knitting project 🙂 Right now it looks like a great big heap of nothing but it will soon make a lovely baby shower present!

IMG_1518[1]Bon weekend!



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