Stash-busting and organising!

My summer crafting has mainly revolved around a crochet blanket for my living room sofa. I find crochet is a nicer craft than knitting in the summer and this blanket especially is great for picking up and putting down when I want.



The one thing that I find annoying with a project like this is that, if I want to change colours every 2 lines, I need to have plenty of wool handy.

When I was sorting through some stuff in the garage, I came across this wine caddy and suddenly had an idea! I’d never used it for wine because 1. it’s too pretty and 2. J.P. Chenet bottles are too wide for it so I decided to use it to hold my wool!


It can easily hold 6 balls of wool and when I’m done with one colour, I just snip the wool and move onto the next.


It even has a handy little pocket for my scissors and other tools 🙂


I love it when you can find new uses for my old things.

Bon weekend!


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