Pretty girly-girl bag

IMG_1333[1]I had to laugh when Lisa checked a book out of the library about springtime felt projects – hint hint!! She’s obviously caught on to the fact that I enjoy making stuff … So after a little perusal of the book, we found a cute little felt bag. As felt isn’t the most robust material, it’s more for dress up than anything but it was fun to make.

 I did change the dimensions a bit so I just cut out two 24cmx24cm squares for the front and back and then three 24cmx10cm rectangles for the sides and bottom.

I then assembled the front and back to each of the sides using blanket stitch in a contrasting sock yarn and then finished off with the bottom.


Blanket stitch – Point de feston

 I cut out a flower shape and a heart and sewed them on using running stitch. Then with green sock yarn, I sewed the flower stem.



 I decided to crochet the handles in the same yarn I used for the seams.


 And voilà! I think it’s quite cute and the girly girl it was made for thinks so too!



This bag will be my offering for Woolhogs May Made-it Challenge!


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