1 ball of yarn, so many possibilities …

I know it’s been a while since my last update but I haven’t been slacking, I assure you! In fact, all of these projects come from the same single ball of yarn!

Recently in one of my favourite wool shops, Veritas, I found an ENORMOUS ball of yarn (250g and 400m of yarn!) in a lovely purple colour and it’s called Laura – how could I resist?! Because it’s so huge, I have managed to use it for 3 projects already and I still have some left!

VeryPink – Ida Neck Wrap

This is the Ida Neck Wrap – a lovely little scarf with a knitted-in hole so that the scarf can be closed up by tucking it in. Ingenious! The pattern could definitely be modified for a child’s scarf as this would make a great alternative to tying a knot.

All in all, a very quick knit from one of my favourite designers VeryPink with a tutorial video to boot!

Next up, the Bandana Cowl by Purl Soho. Again very quick to knit and a pretty easy pattern to follow.

Purl Soho – Bandana Cowl

Cowls are lovely to wear around the neck in winter and avoid those annoying scarf-getting-stuck-in-the-jacket-zip scenarios! Or does that only happen to me?!

Last up, the hat worn by Diane Kruger in “Unknown”. I remember watching this film and thinking “I love her hat! I must try and make myself one”. Then, by pure coincidence, my friend Amandine found the pattern on Ravelry: Ghisou from the blog “Les petits travaux de Ghisou” posted a quick pattern using bulky yarn – quick to knit with a pretty nice result. Here it is sported by my favourite model, as always!


“Sans IdentitĂ©”

Now to find a final project for the yarn that’s leftover!

Bon weekend!



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