Butterflies and Papillons

Starting this week, I have decided to make this blog bilingual! The reason for this is that I want to share it and it would be nice if my French-speaking friends and family could read it too!

Seeing as this week it started getting really cold and even snowed, I think it’s a good time to talk about hats! Recently I’ve been working on various hat patterns ready for the cold season and here is my favourite …



The Butterfly Bow Beanie was a real challenge: I had found a pattern which went perfectly with some wool that I had in my stash – Lubéron de Bergère de France – and then I saw that the pattern was only in German! Luckily I work with people from all over Europe! I spoke with a German colleague and fellow-knitter and together we translated the pattern. Result: a cute winter hat for my Lisa 🙂


butterfly2As I wanted to use up some sock yarn, to get the right thickness I double stranded one of each colour which resulted in this tweed effect that I love. The icord bow on the side is really pretty too (could simply be left out for a boy’s version).

After knitting it and therefore knowing that our translation was spot-on, i contacted the designer and she agreed to publish my translation! This pattern will therefore soon be available in English 🙂


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