Mauna Lisa

Not so long ago I posted back when I was Knitpurl 83 about stash-busting and I’m glad to announce that it’s going pretty well! I recently completed “Mauna” for Lisa – bringing me to the obvious merger: “Mauna Lisa”!

This really was a great pattern to knit. It’s started at the neckline, knit raglan style all the way to the bottom and then a crochet edging is added to the neckline at the end, complete with buttonhole. The designer even took the time to write out the different patterns for the different sizes rather than putting the bigger sizes in brackets – much easier to follow. This must have been a huge task so I am very grateful!


I used sock yarn in 3 colours that my sister gave me for my birthday as part of a really cute knitting set. I had intended for this to be closer to dress length but as I kept with the blue-pink stripes, I ran out of yarn … But I think it works well as a tunic to be worn with jeans and a roll neck like in the picture. Also, being a very active girl, at least this way it doesn’t hinder her in her playground shenanigans!

Here’s a picture of the back, it’s really pretty too!

ImageSo, a big thanks to the designer Lisbeth Kjeldsteen for this fab pattern!

Tune in for more stash-busting adventures next week on La Vie en Rose! Bon Weekend!


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