Bootee Call

As I’ve said before, I really love gifting hand knits for babies. They are quick to make up and are always gladly received by the parents-to-be!
One thing I like to do is to combine baby knits to give as a set. Firstly because I think it’s nice to receive a set and secondly, baby knits use up such little yarn that there’s always plenty left over for more projects!

In fact for all of these projects, I used only one ball of Natura Just Cotton in dark blue plus a bit of grey and still had scraps left over!

natura wool

Recently a good friend of mine had a little boy so I knit up a little set for him.

20131025-074256.jpgThis very cute tassle-hat was easy and quick to knit and are accompanied by these very cute mitts.
They are part of an ebook called Baby Shower Countdown by Staci Perry. This ebook is fantastic – the patterns are classed by how long you have to knit them, making it easier to choose which one to go with and each part of each pattern has a direct link to the relevant knitting help video on Staci’s Youtube channel (which is fab btw – go check it out!)

Next up are Saartjes bootees. These are great and so quick to do – I can see why more than 13 000 people have made them! The Natura yarn lends itself really nicely to these bootees as, being 100% cotton, it’s soft and flexible so completely baby-safe and gentle on their little feet!


Now moving on to baby blankets. Indisputably, the quickest way to make a baby blanket is crochet, I mean there really is no contest! This ripple blanket, called Rugged Ripples is the one I chose to make. It goes really quickly and fun to make. The colour possibilities are endless and the result is different every time – just check out the project page!IMG_0746[1]

On that note, I will return to knitting for some slightly bigger babies – my own!

Bon weekend!


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