Gotta Love: Stash-busting

So I am back from my summer hiatus and I’ve hit the ground running!
First on the agenda: sort out the stash …

I’ve been looking for different patterns for different weights of yarn to try and keep stash-busting as interesting as possible but today I’ll just concentrate on sock and lace yarn.

I seem to find myself with so much of this yarn and I can’t see myself knitting socks for the next year so I have found some sweet patterns that use sock or lace yarn:

maunaFirst up, Mauna by Lisbeth Kjeldsteen. This lovely little dress is perfect for a little girl who likes to stay girly even when the weather gets chilly! It’ll look good over a roll-neck or long-sleeved tee and can be worn with tights, leggings or trousers – perfect!

Being a top-down raglan dress, it’s seamless and will be perfectly symmetrical which I love in my knitting.

I’m really looking to casting this on and will be sure to post about it once it’s up and running!


Next up is this very sweet hat called the Butterfly Bow Beanie by Barbara Micheli.

As most of the children’s hats have been relegated to the “no-longer-fit” boxes, I think this autumn might be the perfect time for new hats.

I’m sure this could be easily modified for a boy – I’ll just avoid the i-cord finishing.

And lastly, because I really think I should knit at least one pair of socks, I have chosen Bubbles Down the Drain by Staci Perry. One of the sock yarns I have is red-pink-white varegating and I think these would look great with a self-striping yarn!


Here’s my current project – one of the rare times I’ve knit for myself! I’m really looking forward to finishing it off and wearing it 🙂

flsUntil next time where I will unveil some of my summer time projects that haven’t yet had their moment of glory 🙂


4 thoughts on “Gotta Love: Stash-busting

    • no problem! Toe-up is my favourite too. Before I start I divide the yarn in 2 so I know that both socks will be the same length and I can use all my yarn! I tried cuff-down socks recently and didn’t like it – found the gusset and heel flap really fiddly …


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