Make something of it

Call it what you like: upcycling, recycling, repurposing … whatever name you give it, we’re basically talking about taking something and finding a new use for it.

In crafting circles, we tend to buy something to make something but, if you have a good look around at home, you’d be surprised at what you can find that can be turned into something else!

In a previous post, I talked about repurposing an old table cloth to make a chef play set for my daughter:

Tablecloth turned chef pinks

Tablecloth turned chef pinks

I always keep back things like tablecloths, old aprons, pillowcases as they always come in handy for little projects where little bits of material is needed so when Lisa asked me for a chef set, I could whip it up quite quickly with what I had lying around the house.

Similarly, when I needed to patch up a pair of jeans for my husband using a pair of his jeans he didn’t wear anymore, I wondered what I might do with the rest of the jeans as I only cut part of the bottom of one of the legs for the patch.

Then I had an idea: when he’s gardening, he always puts down his gloves or secateurs and doesn’t remember where so I made him a time-saver gardening apron!

I basically cut the top of the jeans, cut off the front part leaving just the back complete with belt loops and sewed across the bottom to stop it from fraying:

Hemmed edge

Hemmed edge

Then I crocheted a belt tie so that it can be worn like an apron. To do this I just chained the length needed and then did 2 rows of double crochet:



And voilà, we have the perfect gardener’s accessory!



Bon weekend!


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