Gotta Love: Cardies

It’s that time of year when the prospect of leaving the house without a jacket is becoming reality! I have been in the market for making a nice cardigan for myself for the coming warmer months.

Here’s the South Sea Cardigan that I found here on ravelry.

I like this style as it’s cute and probably can be made up quite quickly given that it’s crochet but the photo is so cheesy!! It has this “why-of-course-I-dress-like-this-for-a-stroll-in-the-park-don’t-you” feel to it that is so ridiculous! Not that the next one is much better …

Behold the Long sleeveless cardigan by Drops Design, also in crochet:

Also very cute and flattering if you ignore the “frolicking-on-the-beach” cheese factor …

Next up, the sideways cardigan by Vogue Knitting:

This is knit cuff-to-cuff and looks like a great new-skill-learning project which I’m always up for. I love the chunky buttons too. Next!

Ahh, finally! Someone just hung the cardy on a coat hanger and took a photo – alot more bareable!

This is the Blackberry Cardigan. I like that this is knit in a top-down raglan style which is my favourite way of knitting a garment so I can avoid seaming!

What’s more is that you are guaranteed symmetry because the sleeves are worked at the same time as the body and then set aside for later. You can also try it on at pretty much any stage by sliding the stitches onto scrap yarn so it’s bound to fit!

In a similar style is the February Lady Sweater. I queued this ages ago and still haven’t found the time to work on it.

Hmm, decisions decisions … watch this space!!


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