Dude, where are my crochet hooks?

A question you will no longer hear me ask!

My crochet hook holder is a bit of an improv, so here’s the breakdown of how I made it:

I used:

  • worsted weight yarn in two different colours and a size 3.5mm hook
  • tapestry needle
  • small button
  • place marker

And here is the link in Ravelry.

First I lined up my crochet hooks to gauge how long I wanted the fabric to be and I chained more than the desired length:


Then I crocheted a fabric in double crochet just a bit bigger than the height of my hooks:

imageI wanted a little pocket for my notions: embroidery needles, markers, pins etc so I single crocheted a strip of fabric that, when folded in 3, would make the right-sized pocket. Then on the 2nd to last row, I chained 3 instead of doing 3 single crochet in the 3 middle stitches to create a buttonhole. On the last row I single crocheted back across:

image image

Then I folded it up, stitched up the sides and placed a button:

imageThen it came to placing the hooks. I chained the length of the fabric and, with the hooks in place, I wove the chain in and out of the fabric with bigger loops for the bigger hooks. I had enough to weave across the whole length in case I decide to add to my collection 🙂 :

imageThen I wove in a second chain to secure the bottom half of the hook:


So that just leaves rolling it up and how to tie it. I made a chain long enough to tie into a bow chained directly into the fabric instead of with a slipknot:


For the 2nd tie, I rolled the holder up and calculated where I wanted the tie and placed a marker:


Then I chained the same length as for the first tie, rolled it up and tied it in a pretty bow:image

and voilà! Kind of looks like a crocheted burrito …!!

Bon weekend!


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