Coasting along – a free pattern

If you read my recent post on Red Nose Day, you will know that I made some coasters for charity. To keep the charity coming, I want to pass on the round coaster pattern to anyone who might like to give it a try! For the ravelry link if you want to queue it or look for yarny inspiration, click here.

Coasting Along

Coasting Along

The great thing about non-garment patterns is that gauge isn’t really an issue. You can pretty much use the hook/needle size and yarn you want to and make it any size.

For my coasters I used:

Round 1: Start off with 8 single crochet into a magic ring.

Step 1

Round 1

At the end of the round, pull on the tail so that the ring is almost shut. Then slip stitch into the first stitch and pull firmly on the tail again to fully close the ring.

Round 2: Chain 3 to start off a round of double crochet, then increase with 2 dcs in each stitch all the way round and slip stitch into the first stitch .

Step 3

Round 2

Round 3: repeat round 2

Round 3

Round 3

From here on you are free to carry on in the same way, increasing all the way round (as in the red example below) or stop here and then crochet the scalloped edge, as I did in this blue example.

For the scallops, I tried out 2 different styles:

Scalloped edging 1

Scalloped edging 1

For style 1, I did the following repeat: 1 sc, skip 1 stitch, 5 dcs, skip 1.

Scalloped edge 2

Scalloped edging 2

This style 2 is a repeat of 1 sc, 1 sc and 3 dc in the next stitch.

Or you can leave out the scalloped edge altogether and make it round:

Without edging

Without edging

So, all in all, you are free to create them in the way you want and can achieve some quite different looks:


Now weave in those ends, pour yourself a glass of something and use that coaster! Enjoy 🙂


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