Knit it, hook it, sew it makes us harder, better, faster, stronger

Sometimes I take a step back and look at what I’m making and ask myself “why am I doing this?”. I often wonder why I spent a week knitting a pair of gloves that I could’ve bought in the shop in 2 minutes or why I bought 6 metres of material to make some curtains when I could’ve just bought curtains and hung them up … Well, the answer is simply “because I like it”. A deceptively simple answer with many layers to it …

My first knitting project in a long time was my daughter’s fingerless mittens. When I finished them, I felt a certain pang of excitement and accomplishment. I taught myself (credit also to Youtube!) to knit using magic loop so this was a real feat for me. Then, the first day Lisa wore them to school, she showed her teacher and told her that I’d knitted them for her. She was so proud and that was enough for me, I was bitten! I haven’t looked back since. Since then, things have been falling off my needles and hooks non-stop! It is my lunchbreak past-time, it is my bedtime “reading”, it is my travel companion. I feel very strongly about it.

When I’m creating something, I love to watch the pattern appear stitch by stitch: to see how the increases/decreases give it its shape, how the border looks after a few rows, see the cable twist forming. I enjoy every stitch. Well, almost … inches and inches of stockinette gets a bit heavy after a while! And I absolutely love the satisfying feeling of binding off and blocking and that sacred moment when you edit your ravelry project and switch it from a WIP to an FO!! Bliss 🙂

This is my outlook on what crafting makes us:

Harder – because it has made me tougher! I feel a lot less self-conscious about knitting in public, especially on the train. People see me knitting and give me the strangest looks. I think I might get a plain t-shirt or a bag and emblazen “I really don’t give a knit” across it because that’s how I feel! It’s my hobby and I fully embrace it 🙂

Better – because practice makes perfect, well, near enough. Anyway, perfection is in the eye of the beholder! I am now confident with pattern reading and most stitches – a place I never thought I’d see this time last year! And because the satisfaction I feel when I finish a project and the praise from the person receiving it do make me feel better about myself and what I’m creating.

Faster – because I can now whip up a cowl during a 2 hour car ride, make coasters on my lunchbreak or complete a draft dodger in one evening. The feeling of finishing something off more quickly than I used to and ultimately increasing my productivity!

Stronger – this is the part I like the most. Since starting up this blog and my Facebook page, I have met some extremely talented and kind-hearted individuals. To be honest, I never thought that starting up a blog would have this effect. I just thought people might just pop by and that would be it. I feel the pull of the online community of crafters and it’s such an uplifting feeling! I cherish every visit to my humble little page and am bowled over by the inspiration on the blogs I read. It’s amazing to feel part of something so great 🙂


My first crochet project

I will end on an FO, the latest to be exact! Lisa’s blanket, aka “stashbuster 2013” is off the hook (in what sense is for you to decide!). I used 7 colours over 26 rounds to make a giant granny square and I’m very happy with it too! Hard to believe that the centre square was my first ever attempt at crochet, now that is satisfying!

Next on the list is completing a spiral scarf …

Our work is never over!

How about you? What’s your favourite thing about crafting?

Bon weekend!


4 thoughts on “Knit it, hook it, sew it makes us harder, better, faster, stronger

  1. Ah! there was a time when you made things because it was cheaper. I think even when I was first married, making curtains was cheaper than buying them ready made. Clothes in chain stores were becoming cheaper than making by then however.

    Now I like crafting for two main reasons. A chance to be creative and a feeling that I am doing something ‘useful’ when I’m just sitting down watching TV or on a long bus ride maybe.


    • totally agree! there is a certain feeling of doing something useful with what you’ve got. Sometimes I wish I had more time for it but i’ll settle for a nice hobby 🙂


  2. Great post! I really enjoying making things for the sense of accomplishment, not just in the finished project but also the journey in getting to the end (at least for the finished projects ;). Plus like the commenter above, it’s a great way to get something from tv-watching/bus-riding/etc time


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