I started this blog as a creative outlet and a tracking tool for my projects, as much for myself as for others. I’ve found after 2 short months that it has opened more doors for me than I had imagined when I started: I learnt to crochet and have now just made my first creation from a pattern I wrote myself and will soon release; next week I will be selling some of my crocheted items of my own design for charity – something that I’ve wanted to do for a little while; and I revamped my blog and created my own logo so that I can say that this online space, however small it may be, is all mine.

I’ve also read inspiring stories about people going into business. Now, I’m not necessarily saying that this is something I’d pursue just yet – the market is saturated with so many talented individuals, I wouldn’t even know how to make my creations stand out from the rest of the crowd.

So for the time being, I think I’ll just enjoy this as a hobby. I am grateful to the people who take the time to read my posts and look at what I’m doing. I’ll keep up the blogging and see where that takes me. One thing at a time – petit-à-petit – little by little.



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