Brioche stitch …. mmm, brioche …

Today’s post will be dedicated to a crossover of two of my favourite past-times: crafts and food!

imageFirst upimage is the brioche stitch scarf I’m currently knitting for Christophe. This deliciously named stitch makes for a very tasty looking scarf, I love the way the varegating wool has come out in diagonal stripes. The brioche stitch is rather a combination of stitches that makes a nice, thick, squishy fabric which has no wrong side making it ideal for a scarf. I did make one little mistake which is hopefully not too noticeable … I blame wine …

imageNext up is a crochet cupcake for Lisa’s play kitchen. I believe this falls under the “amigurumi” category but it’s all so new to me! These cupcakes are based on a pattern from Gleeful Things which I kept nice and simple (and fresh!) seeing as it’s my first try! These are fun and fairly quick to make up too, might be making some as pressies. At long last a cupcake that won’t go straight to my hips!


Remember those little sweets called “love hearts”? Well, here is a bookmark I made for my daughter as we are now reading books with chapters! I used the love hearts pattern on Planet June and then linked them up with a chain. A great substitute for sweets at bedtime – maybe I’ll call it “Don’t lose your page or your teeth” … Everyone’s a winner.

Hey, if I ever go into business, at least I can offer my creations in the form of a menu, yum!

Bon weekend!


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