For the kids

Not quite as quick to knit as baby gear, but the thanks and recognition you get for knitting for bigger kids is totally worth it!


These fingerless mittens were made for Lisa from a pattern I found on, just tweeking the pattern a little to make them a smaller for Lisa’s hands. This was a great project for learning to knit in the round, fixing the jog you get in circular knitting as well as for learning to leave stitches on scrap yarn and pick them back up later. I really enjoyed this project and the wool I chose changed colour all by itself creating this cute mis-matched effect!


Alex’s raglan jumper as featured in my post Raglan Style. Really fun to knit! He wouldn’t stay still enough for a photo but I’ll get him one day!

I knitted a cowl for Lisa, based on my grown-up version 🙂 It was really quick to knit – did it in the car in about 2 hours (needless to say that I was the passenger …). The best thing about this style scarf for a kid is that:

1. It’ll stay around her neck keeping her warm instead of trailing the floor and getting dirty
2. It’ll not be used as a lasso/fireman’s pole/belt/skipping rope like the other one which is now about 2 metres long …



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