Baby Knits

Things I love about kntting for babies is that 1. what you’re knitting up is really quick and 2. it’s always uber cute! Here are my baby projets:

The Baby Gnome hat and glove set made for Baby Morgan to keep him warm during those Savoyard winters! Herimagee he is rocking his new hat. Details on Ravelry.

This was a really fun project which knit up quickly and easily with knit-help videos from

The great thing about this little hat is that the mini cable twists and the ribbed effect make it really stretchy which means it can be worn for longer than your usual newborn hats – greated appreciated by parents!

The teeny tiny gloves are from Staci Perry’s Baby Shower Countdown.

This lovely little set was a present for baby Lily when she was born. The hat is a baby hat pattern, details here.

imageThe scarf is an improv just to complete the set.

I added some cute buttons to personalise the set that I got from Veritas Luxembourg.

And to show just how teeny tiny the gloves are, here they are on my fingers 🙂image


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