The “Boudin Bleu”

First, I think I’ll explain the name:

A “boudin” here in France is a draft dodger but, as with alot of things in France, it is also food-related! A boudin is kinda like a sausage. You can find “boudin blanc” and “boudin noir” and now, at least in our household, you can find “boudin bleu”!

Here’s a little break-down of how I made it (I don’t dare call it a tutorial as I don’t want to raise expectations!)

Step one:

Boudin bleu - step oneI started off by measuring the door I wanted the boudin to fit and, after adding 5cm for seaming at each end, I needed a strip of material 220cm long. For the width, I didn’t want it to be too wide as it would take too much to fill. I went with 24cm with 2cm at each end for seaming.

Then I pinned right-sides together,  as pictured. Afterwards I decided to tack it together just to keep it straight going into the sewing machine – I’m not a pro after all!

The material is a 4€ per metre basic blue cotton fabric that I picked up in Ikea a while back. Luckily I had more than 2 metres of it as I’d intended to use it for some other project in the not-so-distant past!

Step two:

Sew away! I sewed all the way along the length at 2cm (if you look closely at the picture above, I had the edging of the fabric to use as a guide) and then went back and sewed one of the side seams at 5cm. Then I turned it right-side-out by basically reaching in and pulling the material back through on itself:

Boudin bleu - step 3

Step three:

After considering what I could use to fill the boudin, I realised that every morning I pick up the free commuter paper and then chuck it in the recycling bin when Christophe’s done with it so I decided that shredding it up would make a great insulator. So using one of those basic hand-held shreddders, between Christophe and me, we cut up and shred a pile of newspapers and stuffed the boudin silly!

Step four:

The paper stuffing gave the boudin it’s nice round shape and it’s insulating qualities. All that was left to do was sew up the open end, place it at the front door and go and think of much better things to spend our cash on than on our GDF bill!



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