Sew, a needle pulling thread

The hills are alive with the sound of me swearing at my sewing machine … Mainly because I never put enough thread on the bobin but don’t realise until I’ve sewn about 50cm or get in a right old mess with the thread – all-in-all it’s just a classic case of  “bad workman”…

Yes, this week I have decided to give my knitting needles a well deserved rest and turn towards a much teenier, sharper (don’t I know it!) version. I dusted off the sewing machine, went through the material that I have lying around and got crafty!

First order of busineimagess, make something that’ll block the draft coming in from under the front doors … A bit of faffing around with material and a tape measure and the “boudin bleu” is born! More details about how I made this little project can be found here.

Lisa’s been keeping the orders coming too so this little sweat-shop where I am the sole employee has been doing some serious overtime!

For her play kitchen, she really wanted a little chef set. I’d already made her an over-glove and a pot holder last year so I decided that I would make her an apron with the same material. Well, I say material but it’s actually an old table cloth that we didn’t use anymore so why not repurpose it?!

Here it is as a work in progress:image

Oh and here’s a little picture of the knitting project that’s on hold while I get my sewing done, don’t want to be accused of neglect!


Homer Simpson


And as a tribute to my favourite tv show, guess that brings us back to D’oh …

Bon weekend!


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