Raglan Style

And no, I’m not talking about Psy’s new hit … Raglan style is a way of knitting a garment from the top-down but I’m sure if Psy could rock a pair of knitting needles, he’d certainly consider the title!

Raglan style is a great way of knitting a jumper/cardy/dress from the neck down. It has quickly become my favourite way of knitting because, and I’ll say it loud and I’ll say it proud, I effing hate seaming! The idea is to cast on at the neckline, increasing in 4 places which gives the garment shape and at the same time creates the sleeves. Then you put the sleeves on hold, knit the rest of the body and come back to the sleeves! Ingenious, I must say …image

imageMy first attempt at this style of jumper was for Alex. Much easier to start on a smaller scale so I can now move on to a bigger project for, hmmm say … me! Here are the details of my project on the Rav. The pattern is, once again, accompanied by fantastic videos to help thru all the tricky parts from verypink.com.


In other news, my crochet journey is resulting in me becoming quite the happy hooker! Here’s a snap of Lisa’s blanket and the progress since last weeks post. What I love about this blanket is that I can stop anytime (wish I could say the same thing about chocolate …) and it’ll look great cos it’s already got a nice neat edge or I can just keep on going until it’s the right size and it’ll always be in proportion.

imageAnother thing that crochet is really great for is making shapes to embellish clothes and accessories. I found this pattern for crochet flowers courtesy of Julie King of Gleeful Things. They are unbelieveably cute and lemon-squeezy to make! I added a little brooch pin to the back to hold together a scarf that I unfortunately made too short as I ran out of wool! So it seems that every knitted cloud has a crocheted silver lining …

Oh and Psy won’t have a second hit …

Bon weekend!


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