Just call me Captain Hook …

Crochet never really inspired me. I wasn’t sure if I would actually like holding the yarn in my left hand or be skilled enough to do that “hands flying all over the shop” thing that crocheters do so well. Then I edged a little closer: I bought hooks back in September but they’re always handy for knitting so I wasn’t remotely motivated to use them for anything else. After a lil lesson from Mum, I started to get it so I made a New Year’s resolution to learn to crochet. After some some basic learning and some serious you-tubing with my favourite go-to person for all things yarny, Staci Perry, I think I might just have it:


My first granny square! I must say though, I hate the name – it totally goes against my campaign for making crafts sound more trendy! I said I wanted it to be “hip” not “hip replacement” … Maybe I can suggest calling them “yummy-mummy squares”?!

So, at Lisa’s request, I’m making a crocheted blanket for her play corner and she’s chosen the colours. She is very active in helping me “de-stash” as it’s getting a little out of hand! Everytime I discover a new wool shop or haberdashery, I feel compelled to buy something. I’m all for helping the local economy and all but not to the extent where we need a bigger house!

So, there we have it, I’ve crossed over to the dark side and I’m hooked (I’m sorry …!) I also think it’s the first New Year’s resolution I’ve actually seen through – unlessย  “eat chocolate every day this year” counts as a resolution … pretty sure it doesn’t but maybe if it did, resolutions would enjoy a better success rate! Anyway, I’m feeling slightly smug about achieving something by the first of Feb!

Bon weekend!


6 thoughts on “Just call me Captain Hook …

  1. you should call it the G-squares (the g is for gangsta, coz we all know knitting is real gansta, haven’t you heard about the drive-by knitting?!) or following your last article the F-square since F is the new G!!
    Ton amour C.


    • Dear amour,
      Next time, please click on “log-out” before posting a comment so that I do not end up looking like a complete narcissist ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you for your understanding, love u!
      The real slim shady – err, i mean Laura ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


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